Be part of a positive community.

Today is day 1 of the 30 Day Fat Blaster and I have to say I am super proud of all the ladies and gentleman who have started their journey with me, For putting their trust and faith in me.

I have a vision and I’ve had this vision for some time now and that vision is to create a community where women or men can all come together, all with their own vision, their own mission but ultimately the same goal and that goal is to all live a healthier lifestyle and feel better within themselves.

Since starting the group and it’s only been a few days I can see my vision is becoming a reality, seeing everyone interact in the group, supporting each other, lifting each other up is just absolutely amazing. It makes all the hard work, long ass hours so worth while.

Starting on a fitness journey is so difficult, making that first step is the hardest part so if you have made that step from me to you WELL DONE and give yourself tap on the back because you did it, you made a conscious decision to change your life. It all starts with that decision to make a change.

I said it before and il say it again. If you are not happy with what you see in the mirror then its time to make a change, if you are sad on the inside and look happy on the outside it’s time to make a change.

We get one shot at life, so why not live a happy life? Why not control the things that we are in control of controlling? IE our weight, our lifestyle, our own happiness?

Wake up everyday and start your day with a positive thought, what ever it is think about something positive. Block out the negative thoughts and start your day positively.

In my 30 day fat blaster we lift you up, welcome you and we have fun. Yep thats right fitness can be FUN, not boring guys FUN. See it for yourself 🙂


see you soon


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